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964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. This page instrumental – Sunburst the endings to Dragon Age: Inquisition. What follows are transcripts of the various epilogues depending upon the player’s choices.

The epilogue in Inquisition is narrated by Claudia Black as Morrigan. He fought to bring back those days of magic and shadow, to raise himself as a god, and set things right. Now we are left with a scar in the sky to remind us of what almost was. It tells us that a great victory against chaos was won, but left the world forever changed. Where once war raged, there is now a shaky peace. Orlais is resurgent, the empress a patron of arts and culture.

Many attribute this recovery to her lady love, though others wonder how long their reunion will truly last. The civil war is ended, Gaspard is defeated, but it is said Briala yet plots her return from exile. The empress now faces a war in the shadows, elven daggers rule the night, and spies follow her every move. The civil war is ended, the elven resistance pacified, but it is said Gaspard yet plots his return from exile.

How long before the Empress missteps and he raises banners once more? This fear hounds her every move. The civil war is ended and order finally restored. The empress is unchallenged but at what price? Blood drips from Celene’s hands, and all her court know it. However, none are in a position to move against her.

The civil war is ended, but a new war rages in the shadows. Gaspard it seems, has learned his lesson well. Even the elves have no rest, with Briala’s uprising rocking the empire to its core. As Orlais heals and its strength returns, relations with the Inquisition slowly sour. Icy receptions meet the Inquisition inside the Imperial Court, where most prefer that Orlais bow to no one – not even heroes. Sadly, Celene soon forgot her gratitude towards the Inquisition. Icy receptions now greet the Inquisition in the Imperial Court, where most prefer that Orlais bow to no one – not even heroes.

Fortunately for Celene, her gratitude towards the Inquisition has remained strong. Some claim she clings too tightly to the alliance – others know it is all that stands between her and defeat. The empire’s ties to the Inquisition remain strong, both sides benefiting from the ongoing relationship. Some resent this, calling Celene the Inquisitor’s puppet – though they do not do so openly. The alliance meets with the approval of Celene’s subjects, who see it as a necessary move within the game. Orlais prospers, and soon forgets that it could very easily have been otherwise. Each noble house that rises up against him soon realizes it has made its last mistake.

He settles disputes with Ferelden, freeing the Orlesian armies to fortify the northern Tevinter borders. Strength and stability are restored to Orlais for now. Sadly, Gaspard soon forgot his gratitude towards the Inquisition. Fortunately for Gaspard, his gratitude towards the Inquisition has remained strong.

Some claim the emperor relies too much on his new allies, but others know the truth. His rule continues only so long as he bows to the will of Briala – the first elf to be granted titles and land. Soon, new rights are granted to elves throughout the land. Plans are made to tear down alienage walls. The emperor chafes under her command, but can do nothing – even as an alliance of nobles considers open rebellion. The icy reception awaiting the Inquisition at court is telling, however. It seems only a matter of time.

They declare it time for the Order to emerge from the shadows, to join the rest of humanity in fighting their ancient foes. Rumors abound that they severed ties with their leaders at Weisshaupt, and that a bitter war now rages between them. Does the sudden silence indicate a battle within or something far worse? They returned to the mighty fortress of Weisshaupt, and word slowly spreads that a battle for control of the Order has erupted. Alistair leads these Wardens in their rebellion, a fight to change the Order from within. See Divine election for the information on how the Divine is chosen. She opens the priesthood to other races, declares support for the Inquisition, and rededicates the Chantry to the principle of charity.

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