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Read this: You spin me right round! This is the mesmerising moment a giant disc of ice started floating on its own in a Chinese city. Hundreds of tourists have flocked to see the rare sight of a floating ice disk in the middle of the frozen Liao River in north-eastern China’s Liaoning Province. The large ice disc could be seen spinning like a record begin To Spin Me Round the middle of the river after it became separated from the frozen surface on New Year’s Day in Faku County.

Locals have been visiting the disc to stand on it before it disappears. Images being shared on social media shows people bringing their pets along too. Social media users are continuing to debate how the ice disc might have been made, with experts yet to weigh in on the phenomenon. Physicists from the University of Liege in Belgium said it is caused by temperature in the water rising and becoming more dense. The phenomenon is often seen in the Arctic, as well as Scandinavia and Northern Canada, but is very rarely seen elsewhere. At first it was thought the spinning was caused by eddies or currents in the river, pushing the ice.

In a paper published in Physical Review E in July last year, scientists from the Université de Liège in Belgium used magnets to simulate the conditions in these frozen rivers. Using petri dishes, they found blocks of ice would start to rotate even when no current was present, due to the melting of the ice. This means the spin is caused by melting ice, not the eddies in the water itself. One leading theory suggested that the chunk of ice has been slowly ‘carved’ into the perfect circle while spinning in the middle of the river. However, experts have said this theory is not true, Metro. When the water around the edge of the disc begins to melt, it begins to twist and create a vertical vortex, similar to how a plughole is formed. The ice then grinds around the surrounding ice forming a perfect circle.

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