Davy Jones

A third davy Jones half his age. A new British tour with The Monkees.

Davy Jones fell in love with his third wife just weeks after they had been cast in a production of Cinderella. Let’s run upstairs and make love. At 65, Manchester-born Davy may no longer be taking the stairs two at a time, but there’s little doubting the passion between him and his beautiful 33-year-old wife Jessica Pacheco. And yet if you are to believe even half of the stories circulating in the U. It’s an accusation he vehemently denies, but as the recently reassembled Monkees prepare to tour the UK — minus original band member Mike Nesmith — Davy can’t fail to be aware that he’s stepping back once more into what must sometimes seem like the unwelcome spotlight which he first experienced when the band were formed in the mid-Sixties. We meet at his house on the shores of the Atlantic in Florida. He and Jessica are on the beach every day, and sometimes enjoy a midnight swim.

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