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IS A SKUNK YOUR NEXT PET? If you have said yes to either question, here is some highly important valuable information that you should know. Prepare yourself for problems unless you educate yourself and family members on raising and living with a skunk. Skunks have unique personality, health and dietary considerations that you should be aware of if your skunk is to become a member of your family.

The baby skunk you buy from a pet store is about 4 to 8 weeks old, descented and VERY SCARED, as you would be if you were in this baby skunk’s place. You have just been pulled from your Mom, brothers and sisters, rapidly descented, packed in a crate, thrown on a plane, flown to wherever and dropped in a pet shop with two-legged creatures that do not even speak fluent Skunkaneese! This could be you–suddenly beamed from your living room to the middle of Japan. Would you not be a little upset? BABY SKUNKS ARRIVE AT THE PET SHOPS WITH ALL THEIR REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS INTACT! THEY HAVE ONLY HAD THEIR SCENT GLANDS REMOVED! THEY REQUIRE SPAYING, NEUTERING, DOG SHOTS, CAT SHOTS AND WORMING.

DO NOT LET ANYONE RISK THE LIFE OF YOUR SKUNK WITH MISINFORMATION! Karo Syrup, Pancake Syrup and Gatorade or Bene-Bac by Borden will help at this time of shock and fear. You may have to hold your baby skunk by the scruff of the neck and drop a few drops of these fluids into its mouth. Some advanced planning before bringing this baby skunk home will help it to adjust sooner to you and it’s new environment. THE MORE YOU HOLD AND CUDDLE A BABY SKUNK–THE NICER SKUNK IT WILL BE LATER!

Unlike other animals, such as dogs or cats, playing rough will cause your baby to become very aggressive and a biter as it grows older. NEVER play rough with your hands and NEVER discipline your skunk by hitting or swatting. Use a stuffed toy or hand puppet  when playing with your skunk to help protect your fingers. Skunks have sharp teeth and extremely long fangs that can seriously injure you during rough play or when being aggressive.

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