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A Room with a View is a 1985 British romance film, directed by James Ivory and produced by Ismail Merchant, of E. The film received universal critical acclaim and was a box-office success. At a small pensione in Florence, Lucy meets such people as the Reverend Mr. At first, the Emersons seem strange and unfamiliar to Charlotte and Lucy. The men seem sincere but unaware of finer upper-class Victorian manners. Emerson offers to switch rooms with the women, who desire a room with a view. Charlotte is offended, believing him to be rude and tactless for what she perceives to be indebting them with his offer.

As Lucy begins her journey to maturity, she finds herself drawn to George due to his mysterious thinking and readily expressed emotions. A number of people staying at the pension take a carriage ride in the country. A mischievous Italian driver gets back at Charlotte by misdirecting an unchaperoned Lucy to George in a barley field as he admires the view. George suddenly embraces and passionately kisses Lucy as she approaches him. Charlotte has followed Lucy, witnesses the act, and quickly stops the intimacy. George’s unreserved passion shocks Lucy, but also lights a secret desire and romance in her heart. Charlotte makes reference to a heartbreak from her youth that occurred the same way and has behaved accordingly with disgust and anger toward George.

Charlotte uses guilt to coerce Lucy to secrecy to save both their reputations as a young lady and a chaperone, but it is mostly for her own benefit. Normally, if a young man kissed a young lady, an engagement should be announced to preserve her reputation, but Charlotte considers George to be an undesirable influence. Upon returning to England, Lucy tells her mother nothing and pretends to forget the incident. Cecil seems lacking in personality or emotion, and instead of playing tennis with her, prefers to walk around outside, reading aloud from a novel. The appearance of George in the village soon disrupts Lucy’s plans and causes her suppressed feelings to resurface, complicated by the supposed need for secrecy. Lucy consistently refuses George’s pursuit of her, but then she suddenly breaks off her engagement to Cecil and makes plans to visit Greece. George has also decided that he must move for peace of mind and makes arrangements.

Beebe’s home and is confronted by George’s father before the Emersons are to leave town. Simon Callow as The Reverend Mr. Patrick Godfrey as The Reverend Mr. A Room With a View was filmed extensively on location in Florence, but also in London and around the village of Sevenoaks in Kent. Lucy’s engagement party was filmed in the grounds of Emmetts Garden.

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