I”m A Little Nobody That Nobody Loves

Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t i’m A Little Nobody That Nobody Loves what you’ve got ’til it’s gone? I mean no-one ever liked Thomson that much – holiday companies aren’t fundamentally loveable things – but this TUI advert heralds a rebrand gone so hideously and immediately wrong it’s not so much a shot in the foot but detonating a small thermonuclear device in your own face.

Britain – apart from the intense hatred it has instantaneously generated. I’m not generally a fan of rebrands – instigated in neatly every case by some arsehole who wants to put his or her stamp on a company and demonstrate to their superiors that they can Get Things Done to the annoyance of virtually everyone. Consignia was, of course, previously Royal Mail and spent a few years labouring under the quite hideous name before another expensive rebrand was probably commissioned so that someone could earn a million quid by suggesting a return to Royal Mail. Little chance of a return to Thomson I expect as multinationals seem determined to believe members of the general public are completely unable to comprehend one company being owned by another. So we have to have a rebrand. And what an utter turd it is.

First of the very sound of TUI is just smug. And the whole thing of making an abbreviation into a noise just seems so pleased with itself. In fact, I’m never going to cap up the brand ever again. Also tui rhymes with pooey, gooey – nothing you’d want to be associated with, which is exactly what will happen when disgruntled customers start cropping up on your social media feeds. As for the advert itself, dear Lord.

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