Bloodlust – Chainsaw

964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. The Ork equivalent of an Imperial Titan is bloodlust – Chainsaw a Gargant.

Gargants are as much idols of the savage Ork Gods, Gork and Mork, as they are engines of destruction. Ork Gargants are an extremely varied lot, with no two ever being exactly alike, as is common with seemingly slapdash Ork technology. Thanks to the frenzied imaginations of the Mekboyz building them, Ork weapons tend to be haphazard, unreliable and noisy. When they work, however, they can inflict gruesome damage. Gargants tend to have more intense and reflective Power Fields than an Imperial Titan, they cannot regenerate these during the battle as a Titan is able to do. Orks do not rely on automated systems to the same extent as the other starfaring races of the galaxy, and Gargants carry a large crew of both Orks and Gretchins.

The crew is led by a Kaptin, who relays orders through a body of officers. A speaking-tube is the preferred method of communication within a Gargant. Each Greenskin officer is in charge of one section of the Gargant, be it a weapon, the magazine, the engine room, or any other chambers. Compared to Imperial Titans, Ork Gargants have weaker armour and comparatively shorter-ranged weaponry. While Gargants do not suffer from potentially fatal plasma reactor meltdowns, they are particularly vulnerable to fires and magazine explosions.

There is no set size for a Gargant, although the smaller ones are more often called Stompas. The large machine’s armour basically consists of bits of metal of various sizes bolted together that makes the Gargant look like it is wearing a long skirt. Gargants are viewed by the Ork race as avatars in the physical universe of their Gods, Gork and Mork. The weapons used by a Gargant will depend as much on the materials at hand as the Orks constructing the Gargant. It may make use of anything from a Lobba to a Zap Cannon as the primary armaments, and will usually have two of these. The Mega-Gargant is a very rare, super-large Gargant on a par in size with the Imperator and Warmonger-class Emperor Titans, though not nearly as powerful.

Killa Kans are giant metal canisters on piston-driven legs that sport lethal close combat attachments and heavy-duty weaponry. Crewed by a single Gretchin, one of their limbs usually ends in deadly-looking power shears or a great blood-encrusted buzz saw whilst a large calibre ranged weapon is welded to the opposite side. The Ork Deff Dread is a a large Ork combat walker that is essentially a cross between an Ork Killa Kan and a Space Marine Dreadnought. The Stompa is a small Ork Gargant, the equivalent of an Imperial Battle Titan of the Warhound or Reaver-class. In true Ork fashion, every Stompa is uniquely different, but equally deadly.

The Goff Stompa was popularised by the Goff Klan, although it is found amongst other Greenskin klanz as well, and replaces the Stompa’s gun arm with yet another massive close combat weapon. Such is the Ork way that each weapon is deadly in a new and often unexpected way. Some have massive claws that toss tanks aside, or stack them up like a macabre house of cards. The Mek’s Stompa serves the precise opposite tactical role of the Goff Stompa, replacing the close combat weapons with even more ranged weapons. Often a Big Mek Ork will not be satisfied with the production of Battlewagons, and will create his own Stompa or Gargant. These Titan-like monstrosities mount the latest Mek weaponry, such as the “Lifta-droppa. During the Battle for Rynn’s World, specifically the siege of New Rynn City, Ork Gargants saw some of their most extensive use in Imperial history.

With the city’s defenders trapped behind the walls, the innumerable Greenskin hordes began construction of six of the mighty war machines, intending to utterly crush the human defenders. Gavin Thorpe and Adrian Wood, pp. Mega-Gargant Tactics”, by Gavin Thorpe, pp. Gargants: Orks”, by Andy Chambers, pp.

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